Sunday, July 28, 2013

Collapse In The Computer World

(Updated December 6, 2017)

Frustrations in the digital world.

If you have an account with Google, they are hell-bent on making your identity public to the entire world. This is thru the new google+ feature. It's another one of those "social sites". Every Google user is to automatically get such a webpage eventually as they develop it. The Google dorks insist on pasting your real name plus your mail Contacts, and any other personal info they choose. They aren't asking whether you want it.
     My question is whether this is just due to infantile immature young programmers, or a part of the world totalitarian program.

Windows 8
More downhill degeneration from the dorks at Microsoft.  Dumbfoundingly dumb changes in many ways to the system. No instructions to speak of. They can't be bothered. The IQs are going downhill fast.
     It's because it's run by little boys who feel it's better to be "cool" than to be sensible. The solution is for such an important industry to be controlled by IBM, where they are mature people.

Firefox browser
Users felt that Mozilla Firefox had the best design and was most enjoyable to use.
Then came the Chrome browser from Google. It used different coding which worked faster in digital terms. It also has a different layout in a few ways.
Users, myself included, felt that the layout was inferior to Firefox.
What about the dorks at Mozilla?  Well they turn out to be infantile little boys too. Chrome scared them and they scrambled and made Firefox like Chrome.
No more advantage to Firefox. The business is run by children again.
Now in 2017 their usage is down so that some websites are not even accommodating Firefox, and the sites don't work.

In general there's a problem getting these guys to provide explanations about products. Consider that the Personal Computer is the most complicated product in history, but does not come with any manual.
This is from the liberal minds in San Francisco's Silicon Valley.

The last time I wrote an article criticizing Google, my page views suddenly stopped. They stopped showing it in search results. This is not an innocent company.