Sunday, July 29, 2007

How geography relates to liberal and conservative

Here is my observation about how geography relates with personality, particularly conservative and liberal. Basically conservatives end up on the west and south sides, while liberals tend to live on the east and north sides. This occurs in whatever physical area you want to choose - nation, city, province, even the globe.

In the USA it is clear that the northeast is the most liberal, and the southwest like Arizona and southern California are most conservative. I see it in my own city. I can identify a north-south street that is the divider. In the US I think the Mississippi is the divider.

As to the globe, northeast Asia is the most liberal. Look at how the orientals are so concerned about "face" rather than just "getting things done". The Japanese are so fixed on relating, that if you say you like their sweater they will quickly offer to give it to you as a gift. If you don't take it they will be offended.
The Americas would be the most conservative part of the globe.

In Europe Russians and eastern Europeans are more liberal and concerned with relationships than the western, who are more oriented to productivity. Northern Germans are more liberal than southern. Western Ukrainians are more conservative than eastern. Russians are more liberal than Ukrainians. (This is where leftists get irrational and call conservatives "fascists".)
In the Arab world Saudi Arabia is the most conservative, as witnessed by their alliance with the United States. Iraq and Syria would be the most liberal, as illustrated by their tendency to the Baath socialist party.

I find this within sections of the city. I just haven't found it within rooming houses.

I'm still considering how north and south fits in. I tend to think that those on the north of the west are liberal conservatives, while those on the south of the east are conservative liberals (still basically liberals).

I'm judging by the northern hemisphere. Is it the opposite in the southern?

Of course I don't mean that the location causes the orientation, but that the tendency will be for those types to gravitate to those areas.

Why should it be so? You need to be attuned to the realities of spiritual influences and rules. Like people's characters are affected by their birth date, there are many such influences we don't realize.