Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Advantages of Knowing Communists

November 1, 2015

I grew up in the 1950s in Canada, and in hindsight I've realized various things that were going on.
The establishment of this society is basically communist. That would be the Freemasons and the Jewish leadership.
So many of the guys I associated with were in communist families, and I didn't realize it.
It's not that they were reporting me or anything, we got along personally. But if I voiced some interesting ideas, these ideas were quickly passed on to their parents, and from there to the entire establishment in the city and then throughout North America.
This is in the Believe it or Not category.
Examples of ideas I thought of in the mid-1950s:

- Plastic drink bottles. It was established that glass bottles were used because plastic was not biodegradable. I voiced concern over how dangerous broken glass can be. You can step on it and it could go right thru your foot.  Soon they switched to plastic.

- Ballpoint pens. We started in school first using pens that were filled with liquid ink out of little ink containers built into our desks. Then came pens with liquid ink replaceable cartridges. It was not unusual for ink to leak out and stain your shirt pocket. I thought it might be possible to design a tube with ink and a rolling ball at the tip. The guys wondered if that would be feasible. Then someone said that had in fact been invented but wasn't in common use. Soon after it replaced liquid ink pens.

- Hard floor coatings. School halls didn't like to host dances because shoe polish would stain the hardwood. Their rule was to dance in your socks. I said to the guys that in this day and age it should be possible to create a floor coating that would be hard and semi-permanent, so the stains would not get to the wood. Soon that came along, and by the time I got to high school we could dance with our shoes on, like civilized people.

I have a feeling I should put such anecdotes on the record. Although Google might not give this blog prominence in search results, especially if anything political is mentionned.
If anyone in dis world sees this, comment whether you want more. I could write a book. I can see how many views this gets.